Jennifer Mason

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Ph.D. 2015

Doctor of Philisophy in Industrial Engineering

NC State Engineering

Honors and Awards

  • 3rd Place Pritzker Outstanding Dissertation Award, Institute of Industrial Engineering, 2013


Optimizing the simultaneous management of blood pressure and cholesterol for type 2 diabetes patients
Mason, J. E., Denton, B. T., Shah, N. D., & Smith, S. A. (2014), European Journal of Operational Research, 233(3), 727–738.
Optimizing statin treatment decisions for diabetes patients in the presence of uncertain future adherence
Mason, J. E., England, D. A., Denton, B. T., Smith, S. A., Kurt, M., & Shah, N. D. (2012), Medical Decision Making, 32(1), 154–166.
A comparison of decision-maker perspectives for optimal cholesterol treatment
Mason, J. E., & Denton, B. T. (2012), IBM Journal of Research and Development, 56(5).

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