Expected Graduation

Fall 2017

MS 2013

Master of Science

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

BS 2010

Bachelor of Science

Wuhan University of Technology

Research Description

Jia's research focuses on AFM-based 3D nanofabrication using ultrasonic vibration assisted nanomachining. Two different fabrication approaches are investigated, which are layer-by-layer nanomachining and one pass nanomachining with the depth controlled by setpoint force.

3D nanostructures are fabricated through regulating parameters, such as set-point force, overlap rate, amplitude of z vibration and machining speed. Complex 3D nanostructures are fabricated out. Results include convex and concave nanocircles, several layers of stair-like nanostructures, and 3D "ISE" department nanologo, etc. research focuses onoperations research and optimization methods.