Christopher Rock

Associate Research Professor

  • Phone: 919.515.6419
  • Office: 126E | 111 Lampe Drive

Chris Rock joined CAMAL in November 2016 after a long and highly productive run at ATI. Rock worked in the areas of nickel product development, new melting technologies, powder metallurgy, additive manufacturing and process modeling. Prior to joining ATI, he was employed at PCC Special Metals in West Virginia as a melt engineer and R&D process engineer.

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Characteristics and Processing of Hydrogen-Treated Copper Powders for EB-PBF Additive Manufacturing
Ledford, C., Rock, C., Carriere, P., Frigola, P., Gamzina, D., & Horn, T. (2019), APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 9(19).
Processing of Alnico Magnets by Additive Manufacturing
White, E., Rinko, E., Prost, T., Horn, T., Ledford, C., Rock, C., & Anderson, I. (2019), APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL, 9(22).
Additive manufacturing of an iron-based bulk metallic glass larger than the critical casting thickness
Mahbooba, Z., Thorsson, L., Unosson, M., Skoglund, P., West, H., Horn, T., … Harrysson, O. (2018), Applied Materials Today, 11, 264–269.

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Christopher Rock