Carter Keough


Expected Graduation

Spring 2022

BSIE 2014

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

NC State University

Research Description

Carter's primary research interests are concerned with the advancement of additive manufacturing processes and their applications. Carter is currently working on a project aiming to integrate advanced metal additive and subtractive processes into one semi-automated manufacturing process. Within this project she is specifically focusing on developing a feature-based process planning algorithm which will enable users to generate machine tool paths from given material parameters, scanned stock features, and desired final part geometries.

Additionally, Carter is researching the effects of vaporized acetone on additively manufactured parts. In this project she is investigating changes in the structural and mechanical properties in polymer parts as a foundation to develop optimal treatment parameters that would achieve desired characteristics in end use applications.

To learn more about Carter's senior design project, go to inGear online's Real World Problems.