Past Senior Design Projects | 2018 | NC State ISE

Past Senior Design Projects | 2018

Each semester we have the pleasure of working with local companies on projects as part of our Senior Design Program. These projects are an opportunity for companies to use student resources to have new concepts and fresh ideas injected into their real-world projects. This sponsorship is rewarding for both the project sponsor and the student team. We would like to thank all our past sponsors for their participation in the program.

Fall 2018 | Photo Gallery

Senior Design Sponsor | Altec

Student Team: Rollin Jenkins, Spain Niemer, Mikayla Slomski

Altec has recently purchased a new facility located nearby its existing campus. They are planning to move all fiberglass operations to the new building. The senior design team developed a solution to transport parts between the two facilities for the manufacturing process.

Senior Design Sponsor | Duke Health

Duke Health
Student Team: Stephen Bryant, Mallory Meissner, Jaliyah Scott

Duke Outpatient Clinic provides primary care and specialty services to a range of patients. Using discrete event simulation, the Duke team has generated scheduling and staffing recommendations to reduce patient wait times and bottlenecks within the system, while providing end to end visibility of healthcare processes at the clinic.

Senior Design Sponsor | HSM

Student Team: Trevor Bryant, Adam Dorr, Kurtis Konrad, Stephanie Stugg

At HSM Solutions, the plant is experiencing a lack of visibility in their labor and inventory metrics. The student team has designed a system to begin automatically digitizing the information. This system will also reduce unplanned downtime by properly scheduling hand-cutting operations.

Senior Design Spoonsor | IBM

Won 2nd Place

Student Team: Rodrigo Cabrera, Shadia Garrison, Matt  Hutmacher, Rachel Nagley

IBM wanted to develop a more efficient globally standardized process for reporting its part delivery timeliness (PDT) metric. The ISE team collaborated with several global regions to outline their current processes and used this analysis to create recommendations that dramatically reduced IBM’s PDT reporting time and increased global consistency.

Senior Design Sponsor | Secmation

Student Team: Samantha Labertew, Owen Spangler, Matt White

The chemical manufacturing industry must take great care in handling and storing the chemicals they produce. Secmation wanted to develop an Unmanned Ground Vehicle system for use in the Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) process to increase safety and cut environmental impact.

The ISE student team created a proof of concept simulation that showed design specifications and updated the business case in hopes of receiving funding for the sponsor.

Senior Design Sponsor | Tindall Corp

Student Team: Brian Chen, Tanya Lagunas, Jessica Nolting

Tindall’s concrete manufacturing process was not automated due to the fact that each piece was custom-built for a specific job. Manual work gave room for errors with incorrect measurements and faulty pours.

The senior design team used JMP to perform a process capability analysis with data collected at the facility. They made process improvement recommendations based on the results and the observations made at the facility.

Senior Design Sponsor | VA Prime Clinic

Won 1st Place

Student Team: Michelle Naclerio, Will Duley, Jianan Tang

In the past, patient scheduling at the Durham VA PRIME Clinic created high wait times for the patients.

The student team developed a comprehensive simulation model of the center to help identify the main problem areas and provided suggestions to help mitigate these issues.

Spring 2018 | Photo Gallery

Senior Design Sponsor | Caterpillar, Inc.

Student Team: Grant Fatyol, Brent Goldstein, Lizzy Kroeger, Meghan Murphy, Bobby Rosene

The purpose of this project is to analyze and model the Cab and CTL subassembly operations to aid in the visualization of Caterpillar’s supply chain. Using the developed simulation model, recommendations to eliminate waste and optimize efficiency will be generated with the goal of making the Sanford plant the most efficient facility within the company. The simulation model should also be constructed in a manner that allows for it to be scaled up and applied to other operations in the future.

Senior Design Sponsor | Century Furniture

Century Furniture
Student Team: Garrett Becker, Will Biberdorf, Travis Propst, Bo Starnes

Our purpose is to evaluate the forecasting model used by Century Furniture in Hickory, NC. Once we define the forecasts’ accuracy of the current model, we will compare it to at least three additional models. Is the current method of the thirteen-week moving average the best way to forecast demand for chair frames and fabric, or is an alternative model better?

Senior Design Sponsor | CVG - Commercial Vehicle Group

Student Team: Emily Lubnow, Troy McLaughlin, Lindsey Rutledge, Cameron Shaffer

CVG wishes to automate their cab inspection process to avoid human error. Once the project is completed, CVG will benefit from more efficient inspection methods with fewer errors and have a searchable, digital database. Elective options for cabs will be the main focus of inspection. Units will be locked in until each elective option has been visually inspected by quality assurance personnel.

Senior Design Sponsor | CVG - Commercial Vehicle Group

Student Team: Nathan Hilbrands, Ricardo Sucre, Erin Williams

The movement of product through CVG Concord’s S-Rim (Structural Reaction Injection Mold) vehicular dash cell is extremely inefficient, with excessive touches, accumulations of WIP, and excess labor to achieve the end result. How can the current design be optimized to increase productivity and create a more robust and capable production process and value stream?

Senior Design Sponsor | CVG - Commercial Vehicle Group

Student Team: Katie Brock, Andrew Daigle, Cassi Nager

Optimize the current inefficient use of warehouse space in the CVG Concord facility which is affecting the flow of materials throughout the facility. Intended results include the organization of equipment and queued inventory to better utilize facility space to reduce high material handling and transportation costs.

Senior Design Sponsor | CVG - Commercial Vehicle Group

Student Team: Brent Johnson, Ankusha Kumar, Sean McGovern

Currently, CVG has no method of recording OEE and key performance metrics for the IM, RIM, and Thermoforming operations. the goal is to develop a tool in Access to represent and display the information so upper management can have a better understanding of performance in the plant on a daily basis. Once each individual process is monitored using this tool, the team will also adapt our tool for OEE of the entire plant.

Senior Design Sponsor | Honeywell

Student Team: AJ Cole, Tanner Harris, Rachael Hoellig, Aaron Thomas

The inefficient use of space in the Honeywell Raleigh Lab limits new product introduction and new product enhancement (NPI/NPE) process efficiency and reduces the safety of the testing facility. There is a limited amount of workspace in the Raleigh location and low utilization of the tools and materials. Also, the space limits the ability to meet spatial requirements. The problem is expected to increase as production increases. How can Honeywell locate equipment and NPI/NPE resources to increase efficiency, improve lab safety, and consolidate space?

Senior Design Sponsor | NC DOT

Student Team: Charlene Ballard, John Bensink, Anna Costa, Sam Ferry, Zack Kelley

Without the direct approval of funding from the legislative, the NCDOT is unable to complete necessary tasks as the need arises. The purpose of this project is to propose suggested facility rental rates so that the NCDOT can produce a profit internally and have money available in a revolving fund to spend on high priority tasks as they arise. What rate should be assigned to each building category?

Senior Design Sponsor | NC DIT

Won 3rd Place

Student Team: Sydney Green, Greg Hauser, Tochi Ogu, Alec Thomas

This project is being pursued to help the State Chief Information Officer, Chief Customer Service Officer, and managers to help indicate the improvement needed in the NC Department of IT. The team will produce a process road map for implementation at NCDIT to improve and allow for easy access to information for their reporting system. With this, they also hope to improve the performance of each team within NCDIT.

Senior Design Sponsor | NC State Sports Medicine

NC State Sports Medicine
Student Team: Ryan Halford, Lindsey Spiwak, Kelly White, Taylor Wingate

The NC State Sports Medicine Program wants to ensure that they meet the NCAA requirements for concussion and injury management and continue to evolve, providing the most efficient healthcare to their athletes. The program has already identified that the current process can lead to miscommunication and lacks documentation. They are concerned about students’ safety and potential lawsuits. How can the protocol be evaluated and streamlined to establish clear procedures that are effectively monitored and understood?

Robbins Area Christian Ministries

Won 2nd Place

Robbins Area Christian Ministries
Student Team: Julie DeVita, Tori Johnson, Dyllan Moss, Davis Mossman

Prepare, plan, and establish a food pantry for the Robbins County church group, in order to feed the local population. Once completed, the pantry will serve as a smooth-running, easily understood facility. It will provide for those in need, as well as having a flexible and dynamic storage system.

Senior Design Sponsor | SAS

Student Team: Natalie Barbu, Max Davis, Cort Hlavin, James Ross Ally Schueneman

SAS is currently using Excel as the main planning tool for venue and catering orders for its Global Forum Event. The spreadsheet(s) are not performing automatic calculations related to costs and food/beverage orders for large customer events. What is the best way to implement a new user-friendly and automated planning tool that will determine overall financial impact, behavioral analysis, customer experience and provide connections between event and sales leads/software revenue?

Senior Design Sponsor | SAS

Won 1st Place

Student Team: Savannah Abel, Ben Craver, Philip Greco, Annie Lin, Michael Rosenberg

The senior design team will analyze the transportation needs of students who live further away from the public schools in Boston, MA. This project will identify inequities and propose solutions with respect to the needs of students whose commute require shuttle buses and MBTA utilization. The team will analyze the students that are eligible for these shuttle buses and report statistics on potential inequities in this shuttle bus program. In addition, the team will propose alternatives on how to more efficiently transport these outlying students to and from the schools.

Senior Design Sponsor | SAS

Student Team: David Angelucci, Will Margolin, Carter McKinstry, Ethan Stewart, Danielle Sumner

The purpose of this project is to optimize current data collection and tracking of large event expenditures by implementing updated version management and access control.

Senior Design Sponsor | Secmation

Student Team: Addison Garrigus, Dylan Kane, Michael Londa, Brandon Thio

Secmation is currently focused on providing information security services. They are looking into potentially expanding their business into the UGV market. What is a reasonable industry use for UGVs that Secmation can pursue?

Senior Design Sponsor | Toshiba

Student Team: Amy Bevilacqua, Nicole Brugnoli, Anjali Mani, Jeremy Mason, Joshua Ratliff

Toshiba wants to compete with the online shopping trend by redoing their front end process to keep up with technology and process improvements that are changing the way customers interact within retail. Accommodate to customer demographics according to their individual needs and behaviors through our group’s alignment with the target market.