Past Senior Design Projects | 2013 | NC State ISE

Past Senior Design Projects | 2013

Each semester we have the pleasure of working with local companies on projects as part of our Senior Design Program. These projects are an opportunity for companies to use student resources to have new concepts and fresh ideas injected into their real-world projects. This sponsorship is rewarding for both the project sponsor and the student team. We would like to thank all our past sponsors for their participation in the program.

Fall 2013

Senior Design Sponsor | Caterpillar, Inc.


With large volumes made at the facility, improvements are constantly being implemented as the facility increases production and the company strives to maintain their position as an industrial leader. The design team will focus on the manufacturing cell that welds the arms of the loader. With increasing demand, every improvement possible, from eliminating downtime to efficient movement of materials, is crucial. This project will concentrate on the conveyor system between the manual and automated welding stations for the lift arms with a focus on material handling within these cells.

Senior Design Sponsor | EMC


The purpose of this project is to clearly define the current functions of the internal parts distribution network at the EMC Apex facility. The team will create a model to represent this system in order to provide EMC with a data-driven benchmark of their process. Additionally the students will propose recommendations to improve this process focused on various performance measures.

Senior Design Sponsor | Novozymes


The purpose of this project is to improve the utilization of the maintenance process in which parts are delivered to the mechanics on the production floor. The objectives of this project are to eliminate waste in the delivery process such as waiting and duplicating tasks, to develop standard procedures and explore other possible storage systems for the parts. The recommendations for this project will span from process changes to changes in centralization or decentralization of maintenance related inventory.

Senior Design Sponsor | Revlon


The purpose of our project is to improve the overall performance of one or two of the top 15 lines in Revlon’s factory. In order to accomplish our goal we will first validate current line performance versus theoretical line performances. After our process benchmarking is completed, we will then identify opportunities for process improvements in order to improve line productivity.