ISE in the News | 2014 | NC State ISE

ISE in the News | 2014

2014 – ISE Media Coverage

WNCN News Channel Logo

NASA to launch 3D-printed commemorative NC State coin into space

  • Featuring: Tim Horn.
  • December, 2014
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NCSU part of NASA Orion launch with 3D print technology

  • Featuring: Tim Horn
  • December, 2014
National Science Foundation Logo

Engineering a better food bank

  • Featuring: Julie Ivy and Irem Sengul
  • December, 2014
WNCN News Channel Logo

Standing at the front lines against the impending flu epidemic

  • Featuring: Osman Ozaltin.
  • November, 2014
Manufacturing Connection Logo

Extending capabilities of additive manufacturing

  • Featuring: Ola Harrysson and Richard Wysk
  • October, 2014
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NCSU Nobel Laureate: “We have to reduce greenhouse gases”

  • Featuring: Rajendra Pachauri
  • October, 2014
Industry Today Logo

Customizing manufacturing’s future

  • Featuring: Ola Harrysson
  • October, 2014
Industry Week Magazine Logo

Industrial engineers and the manufacturing renaissance

  • Featuring: Paul Cohen
  • September, 2014
Modern Pumping Today Logo

Flexible manufacturing means sustainable manufacturing

  • Featuring: Ola Harrysson
  • September, 2014
Design News Logo

Programs and technology boost manufacturing’s return

  • Featuring: Richard Wysk
  • August, 2014
Surgical Products Logo

Multidisciplinary Approach To Engineered Tissue Commercialization

  • Featuring: Rohan Shirwaiker and Ola Harrysson
  • July, 2014
Institute of Industrial Engineers

Engineers use 3D printers to make new organs and joints

  • Featuring Paul CohenOla Harrysson and Binil Starly.
  • June, 2014
Product Design & Development Logo

Engineers Find Way to Lower Risk of Midair Collisions for Small Aircraft

  • Featuring: David Kaber and Carl Pankok
  • May, 2014
Bioscience Technology Logo

Printing Replacements

  • Featuring: Ola Harrysson and Binil Starly
  • May, 2014
WUNC 91.5 Logo

GPS Improvements Could Reduce Plane Crashes

  • Featuring: David Kaber
  • May, 2014
ABC KGO tv Logo

Engineers use 3D printers to make new organs and joints

  • Featuring: Paul CohenOla Harrysson and Binil Starly
  • May, 2014
Bio Portfolio Logo

Organs Printed on Demand: The challenges of taking engineered tissue from the lab to the bedside

  • Featuring: Dr. Binil Starly.
  • May, 2014
WRAL News Logo

ISE’s Dr. Binil Starly talks about the future of 3D printed organs on WRAL morning news.

  • Featuring: Binil Starly
  • May, 2014
News 14 Carolina Logo

Thousands attend NC State Engineering Career Fair

  • Featuring: Anita Vila-Parrish.
  • February, 2014
WNCN News Channel Logo

Companies flock to Engineering Career Fair at NC State

  • Featuring: Anita Vila-Parrish.
  • February, 2014

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