ISE789 Soft Computing



Lecture Notes

Soft Computing
NN Chapter 1   |   NN Chapter 2   |   GA Chapter 1   |   GA Chapter 2
Simulated Annealing   |   Tabu Search   |   Tropical Cyclone-based Method   |   Electromagnetic Method
Fuzzy Introduction   |   Fuzzy Short Course   |   Building Fuzzy Expert Systems
Fuzzy Regression   |   Fuzzy Relation Equation   |   Fuzzy Clustering

Supplemental Material

  • Approximation by Superpositions of a Sigmoidal Function
  • Multilayer Feedforward Networks With A Non-polynomial Activation Function Can Approximate Any Function
  • Relaxed conditions for radial-basis function networks to be universal approximators
  • Universal Approximation Using Radial-Basis-Function Networks
  • An Introduction To Computing With Neural Nets
  • A neural network model with bounded-weights for pattern classification
  • Solving Convex Programming Problems with Equality Constraints by Neural Networks
  • Neurocomputing with Time Delay Analysis for Solving Convex Quadratic Programming Problems
  • Efficient Neural Network Learning using Second Order Information with Fuzzy Control
  • Sequencing parallel machining operations by genetic algorithms
  • A genetic-based framework for solving (multi-criteria) weighted matching problems
  • A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Solving DNA Fragment Assembly Problem
  • A tropical cyclone-based method for global optimization
  • An electromagnetism-like mechanism for global optimization
  • On the convergence of a population-based global optimization algorithm
  • Ant colony optimization theory: A survey| Ant colony optimization
  • Particle swarm optimization
  • Induction of fuzzy rules and membership functions from training examples
  • Expert System | Induction of fuzzy rules and membership functions
  • Fuzzy Regression | Fuzzy Clustering | Fuzzy Relational Equation


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