Direct Path from BSIE to Ph.D.

ISE can give admission directly into our Ph.D. program from the BSIE degree for those who are highly qualified. A minimum GPA of 3.5 is a strict requirement for this path. If admitted, you must take the Ph.D. qualifying exam at the end of the second semester of study.

A Plan of Work should be completed and submitted to the ISE Graduate Program Office (441 | 111 Lampe Drive). This must be done by the end of your first semester on campus.

Credit Requirements (72 Total Hours)

  • A minimum of 13 letter-grade courses (39 hours) are required, up to 5 of which (15 hours) can be approved non-ISE courses
  • A minor is optional but requires that three (3) courses be in the same program
  • At minimum, 24 hours of doctoral dissertation (ISE 895) are required for graduation
  • The student has an option of applying for the MSIE degree “en route” to the Ph.D. when the following conditions are met:
    • 30 credits from letter-grade courses are completed
    • Qualifying examination is completed
    • Doctoral Prelim exams (written and oral) are scheduled (ISE 890).

Qualifying Examination

If you are entering our Ph.D. program without an MSIE degree, you must take the qualifying exam under the following guidelines:

  • The Qualifying Exam will be administered by your Ph.D. committee, preferably at the end of the second semester but no later than the end of the third semester (You need to form your Ph.D. committee prior to taking the qualifying exam)
  • A minimum of three (3) committee members must be involved in administering the exam. If you declare a minor, a minor representative of the committee must be involved
  • The format of your exam will be determined by your Ph.D. committee. Exam problems are to be sent to you one week prior to the time of the exam. On the day of the exam, you will orally present your solutions before your committee
  • If you do not pass the exam, you will be given a second chance in the semester immediately following the first one

PhD Committee Selection

Without a Minor

  • Your academic advisor, 2 ISE faculty members and 1 non-ISE faculty member from NC State, or
  • Your academic advisor, 3 ISE faculty members and 1 Graduate School representative

With a Minor

Your academic advisor, 3 ISE faculty members and 1 minor representative