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Connecting the Bots | WRAL Documentary

Connecting the Bots

  Original article courtesy of WRAL Documentaries.   See ISE lecturer Jason Low, alumnus Rishikant Mishra, and grad students Rahul Gadre, Dhawal Dedhiya, and Li...
Teen Researcher | Nishant Singh

Teen Researcher

ISE sophomore Nishant Singh uses medical data to boost hospital efficiency as he helps to bring healthcare to children around the worldISE sophomore Nishant Singh uses...
Welcome Back to the Future of 3D Printing

Welcome Back to the Future of 3D Printing

ISE Kicks Off Homecoming Weekend with a panel discussion on the future of 3D printing Moderator: WRAL’s Brian Schrader Panelists: Johnathan Bissmeyer, Ryan Bishop, Dr....