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May the Fourth be with You | NC State ISE


ISE's Kanton Reynolds gives us the rundown on the practicality behind the droids of Star Wars and where they could come in handy in the real world.
Dr. Kanton Reynolds Talks about the Science of the Black Panther

Dr. Reynolds Talks the Science of Black Panther

Video credit: NC State University   “Vibranium, as we know, is the source of the Black Panther’s power. Vibranium is not a real element,” explains...
Reynolds Talks Justice League

Reynolds Talks Justice League

Coming off his appearance at NC Comicon where he joined NC State Engineering alumna Tamara Robertson (Mythbusters: The Search and The Feeding Tube) and Matt...
ISE Goes to Comicon | Dr. Kanton Reynolds | Dr. Karen Chen

ISE Goes to Comicon

Science and Engineering have always played a large role in the superhero universe and have been the center of endless debates over how things actually...