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Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson toured the ISE Department and got to test out the VR Cave, received a present from a robot, and...
3D Printed NC State Football

3-D Printed NC State Football

ISE’s additive manufacturing lab 3-D printed a one-of-a-kind NC State football for University Chancellor Randy Woodson See photos from the chancellor’s visit to ISE
Chancellor Randy Woodson Tours ISE

Chancellor Tours ISE

Chancellor Woodson visits ISE Labs to see the future of manufacturing See more photos of the 3-D printed football
Debbie Allgood-Staton

Allgood-Staton Wins University Award for Excellence

Each year, the twelve departments in the College of Engineering nominate one of their employees for the Awards for Excellence program. After careful consideration, the...