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Ambassador Program Showcases Department

Ambassador Program Showcases Department

The ISE Department has a long history of student participation in various ambassador programs around campus. None more so than the College’s Engineering Ambassadors Program,...
Nishant Singh | Study Abroad | Hong Kong

Nishant Singh’s Study Abroad Story

Original article courtesy of NC State’s Study Abroad Program.   Program and Location Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Hong Kong, China Why did you choose to...
Teen Researcher | Nishant Singh

Teen Researcher

ISE sophomore Nishant Singh uses medical data to boost hospital efficiency as he helps to bring healthcare to children around the worldISE sophomore Nishant Singh uses...
Simulation Helps Hospitals | Nishant Singh WNCN

Simulation Helps Hospitals

ISE’s teen researcher Nishant Singh uses simulation software to help hospitals run more efficiently