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It has Never Been “About Paul” | Paul Cohen

It has Never Been “About Paul”

Paul Cohen earned a long prestigious list of accomplishments, honors and national awards. If you ask anyone who knows him, it has never been "about Paul."
Julie Swann giving a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall

Take a Virtual Tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall

Department head Julie Swann along with dean Louis Martin-Vega and CCEE department head Mort Barlaz lead you on a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall
McCreary Makes Masks

COE Virtual COVID-19 Panel Discussion

ISE's Julie Swann invites you to join her along with Dean Louis Martin-Vega for a virtual panel discussion on the College’s innovative response to COVID-19.
McGlothlin Named IISE President | Tim McGlothlin

McGlothlin Named IISE President

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) announced this morning that they have elected three new members to their 13-person board of trustees (BoT)....

Can ISE Power the World with 3D Printing?

ISE researchers to play a significant role in transforming American’s energy economy During President Obama’s visit to campus he announced that NC State will lead...