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Julie Swann giving a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall

Take a Virtual Tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall

Department head Julie Swann along with dean Louis Martin-Vega and CCEE department head Mort Barlaz lead you on a virtual tour of Fitts-Woolard Hall
McCreary Makes Masks

COE Virtual COVID-19 Panel Discussion

ISE's Julie Swann invites you to join her along with Dean Louis Martin-Vega for a virtual panel discussion on the College’s innovative response to COVID-19.
McGlothlin Named IISE President | Tim McGlothlin

McGlothlin Named IISE President

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) announced this morning that they have elected three new members to their 13-person board of trustees (BoT)....

Can ISE Power the World with 3D Printing?

ISE researchers to play a significant role in transforming American’s energy economy During President Obama’s visit to campus he announced that NC State will lead...
Debbie Allgood-Staton

Allgood-Staton Wins University Award for Excellence

Each year, the twelve departments in the College of Engineering nominate one of their employees for the Awards for Excellence program. After careful consideration, the...