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Sizes, Scales and Powers of 10

Sizes, Scales and Powers of 10

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Chen and her team a $1.3 million research grant, allowing them to use virtual reality to improve students' understanding of the extremes of scale in STEM.
A Seeker of Science | Karen Chen

A Seeker of Science

ISE professor Karen Chen joins Tamara Robertson's team of citizen scientists in the 4th edition of the Seekers of Science comic book.
Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

Chancellor Woodson Visits ISE Department

NC State University Chancellor Randy Woodson toured the ISE Department and got to test out the VR Cave, received a present from a robot, and...
NC Comicon | Spring 2019 | Karen Chen

Which Came First: The Superhero or the Science?

As part of the ISE Department’s continued effort to reach potential students, assistant professor Karen Chen takes her knowledge of virtual and augmented realities to...
Rehabbing in your our World

Rehabbing in Your own World

ISE professor Karen Chen uses virtual reality to help patients rehab from injury and strokes