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Engineering Operations Virtual Reunion

Engineering Operations Virtual Reunion

My name is Ed White (BSEO ‘78) and I, along with ISE Department Head Julie Swann, would like to personally invite you to join us for the Engineering Operations Virtual Reunion.

Check-in With ISE | Alumni Edition

Check-in with the ISE Department and see what we’ve been up to before and during this pandemic! Join our faculty as Ola Harrysson describes CAMAL...
Swann Talks with WRAL about Moving Classes Online

Swann Talks with WRAL about Moving Classes Online

Julie Swann talked with WRAL about moving classes online at NC State. She said If students hadn't congregated together we could have kept this at bay.
All Systems Go | Julie Swann

All Systems Go

Since Julie Swann joined NC State in 2017 as the head of the ISE Department, the university’s Think and Do mantra has continued to resonate with her.
Swann Joins a Great Group of Fellows

Swann Joins a Great Group of Fellows

ISE's department head Julie Swann received a 2020 fellowship award from the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE).
Just Ask ISE | Julie Swann

Just Ask ISE | Undergraduates

Department head Julie Swann is holding a student town halls for all ISE undergrads to answer your questions about Fall classes on campus.
McCreary Makes Masks

COE Virtual COVID-19 Panel Discussion

ISE's Julie Swann invites you to join her along with Dean Louis Martin-Vega for a virtual panel discussion on the College’s innovative response to COVID-19.