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Julie Ivy | IISE and INFORMS Fellow

For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow, Again.

For the second time in six months, ISE professor Julie Ivy has earned a Fellow Award from an international organization, INFORMS and IISE.
NC State INFORMS Student Chapter Annual Award Magna Cum Laude

INFORMS Recognized for Engaging Students

During the pandemic, NC State’s INFORMS Student Chapter worked to help students - earning them the 2020-2021 Magna Cum Laude award.

Inventory and Vehicle Routing Problems

This INFORMS event will discuss the problem and address geographies across urban to rural settings associated with autonomous vehicle deliveries.
Fine Tuning the Business of Decisions

Fine Tuning the Business of Decisions

ISE students, faculty and alumni travel to Nashville to share how they refine the process of good decision-making
Dr. Salah Elmaghraby | 1927-2016

Dr. Salah Elmaghraby (1927-2016)

Dr. Elmaghraby known for his selflessness and work ethic, leaves a storied legacy at NC State and a legion of students around the world On...