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Fall 2021 ISE Graduation Ceremony with two students showing off their engagement ring

Fall 2021 ISE Graduation Ceremony

Watch the students from the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering along with students from the OR, MEM and IMSEI Programs get their degrees.
ISE Students and faculty participating in the Fall 2021 Engineering Design Day

Engineering Design Day | Fall 2021

ISE seniors will be putting their projects on display at Engineering Design Day as they compete for the title of Engineering Design Day Champions.
Fitts-Woolard Hall | Dedication Ceremony | Fall 2021

Fitts-Woolard Hall Dedication Ceremony

The College of Engineering will host a special dedication ceremony for Fitts-Woolard Hall on Friday, Oct. 29, 2021.
InGear is Here! | NC State ISE | inGear Magazine

inGear is HERE!

The latest edition of inGear Magazine is HERE! Don't miss out on all the amazing things that are happening in the NC State ISE Department.
Xiaolei Fang standing in his office

Faculty Spotlight: Xiaolei Fang

Some people are planners. Others go with the flow. When it comes to ISE professor Xiaolei Fang, he prefers the best of all worlds.