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ISE assistant professor Sara Shashaani writing on a whiteboard

Faculty Spotlight: Sara Shashaani

Thanks to her father's excitement for solving problems, assistant professor Sara Shashaani wanted to be one of the coolest people on earth, an engineer.
Xiaolei Fang standing in his office

Faculty Spotlight: Xiaolei Fang

Some people are planners. Others go with the flow. When it comes to ISE professor Xiaolei Fang, he prefers the best of all worlds.
Faculty Spotlight | Osman Ozaltin | NC State ISE | inGear Magazine

Faculty Spotlight: Ozman Ozaltin

Some people find their calling at a very young age. But for associate professor Osman Ozaltin, it was simply a desire to make the world around him better.
Faculty Spotlight: Binil Starly

Faculty Spotlight: Binil Starly

Binil Starly is the James T. Ryan Professor whose DIME lab is working on technologies that merge the digital and the physical world.
Faculty Spotlight: Russell King

Faculty Spotlight | Russell King

Around the world, seven is the most popular answer to the question, “What’s your lucky number?” It is also the most popular answer to the...