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Dr. Richard Bernhard

Money is just like Manure

Richard Bernhard, ISE professor emeritus, has a long history of contributing to NC State and the ISE Department.
All Systems Go | Julie Swann

All Systems Go

Since Julie Swann joined NC State in 2017 as the head of the ISE Department, the university’s Think and Do mantra has continued to resonate with her.
From: Donors To: Babies | inGear Magazine

From: Donors To: Babies

How ISE students engineered a better way to get breast milk to babies in need In North Carolina, there are more than 10,000 premature births...
Day of Giving Celebration 2019


Dr. Julie Swann and the rest of the ISE Department would like to say, “THANK YOU” for the generosity of the department’s alumni, students, staff,...
David Rosar Gives in Many Ways

David Rosar Gives in Many Ways

In the spring of 2015, David Rosar had retired from a career that started in the aerospace industry creating flight simulations and ended in the...