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Spring 2022 Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2022 Graduation Ceremony

The ISE Spring 2022 Graduation Ceremony was live-streamed for all the families and friends could celebrate this joyous event from anywhere in the world.
2020 - 2021 ISE Graduation Reception | 01

2020 – 2021 Graduation Reception

The ISE Department threw a reception for their 2020 - 2021 alumni outside of the new Fitts-Woolard Hall on the Oval.
Spring 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony

Welcome students, families, friends, faculty and staff of the ISE and OR Departments at NC State University to the Spring 2021 ISE/OR Graduation Ceremony.
Fall 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Watch our 2019 Fall Graduation Ceremony LIVE!

Didn’t make it to graduation? Don’t worry, We streamed it LIVE so our friends and families who were unable to attend can enjoy the celebration...

Fall 2018 Graduation Ceremony [PHOTOS]

Want to relive the moment? WATCH OUR GRADUATION CEREMONY  DOWNLOAD THE ISE FALL 2018 GRADUATION PROGRAM PDF (740Kb) To see the full-sized version, simply click on the...
Fall 2018 Graduation Ceremony

Spring 2018 Graduation Ceremony [PHOTOS]

ISE celebrated its Spring 2018 Graduation Ceremony on May 12th in front of faculty, families, and friends. Congratulations graduates!