Day of Giving 2020

Together, you — our alumni and friends — have made NC State’s Day of Giving a new Wolfpack tradition, and we say, “thank you.” Your gifts enhanced our programs and facilities, supported our faculty, and helped our students achieve their potential. So again, we say, “thank you.” To gear up for this year’s Day of Giving, happening on March 25, let’s look at how last year’s efforts affected the ISE Department.

To say that Julie Swann, department head, was pleased with the results would be an understatement. “I was thrilled with the results last year!” exclaimed Swann. “It surpassed my expectations on many levels. Everyone stepped up to the plate, with gifts coming from alumni, faculty, staff, students and their parents.” Due to your generosity, ISE did particularly well, setting a standard for other departments with the highest percentage participation (1.99 percent) and a high number of gifts. Senior Rebecca Griffin even won the department a prize by being the first person to donate. “Other departments told us we inspired them,” confided Swann.

The funds from Day of Giving are crucial to the success of our department and its community. Your donations help us support undergraduates with international internships and study abroad programs. Graduate students were able to engage in professional development with alumni and travel to present their research at national conferences. Our faculty could seed new research streams. Your generosity allowed our staff to attend training sessions around the college. The funds will also help as we move into a new building, providing artistic displays for the walls while assisting with the many associated costs.

“The Day of Giving is not just about donations,” shared Swann. “For me, I enjoyed hearing your alumni stories about where you are now and what you are doing. This year’s event is an excellent opportunity to start or reinvigorate a connection and to prove the power of the Wolfpack.”

As we all know, industrial engineers are best at making things work better. So, Swann has some ideas on how we can optimize this year’s event. “Of course, I want to be the leader of the Pack in engineering again and set a standard for the other departments.” The primary measures are the number of gifts (of at least $10) and the percentage of alumni who take part. She believes we can increase the participation of the ISE community. “Can we get to the point where 5 – 10 percent of alumni join in on the Day of Giving?” asked Swann. “That would be extraordinary.”

She also wants to increase the number of first-time donors (including students and the broader ISE community), and she thinks this is possible given how many people we touch throughout the year. “When someone makes their first gift to our department, it is an extraordinary thing,” said Swann. 

So, as you consider how you will support your department, Swann would like you to remember something. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our alumni and friends, not only financial but also your time and your talents. I want to thank you for supporting us in this and so many other endeavors, from talking with students to reviewing resumes, to providing feedback on computing or alumni engagement. The ISE community is fantastic, and I am thankful for it every day!”

“Now, let’s get out there and show CCEE and ECE how it is done.”