Narayanan Wins IISE Best Paper Award

The Institute of Industrial and System Engineers (IISE) has awarded Ph.D. student Lokesh Karthik Narayana the 2017 IISE Manufacturing & Design Best Student Paper Award. Each year, IISE honors the excellence put forth by a lead student author of a conference paper. Narayanan will receive the award at the M&D Division Town Hall Meeting at this year’s IISE Annual Conference & Expo in Pittsburgh.

The Paper

Narayanan’s paper titled “Nondestructive Quality Assessment of 3D-Biofabricated Constructs using Dielectric Impedance Spectroscopy” focuses on the manufacturing of engineered living systems using cells and biomaterials. The paper was written jointly with two ISE professors, Drs, Rohan Shirwaiker and Binil Starly. Their study focuses on dielectric impedance spectroscopy as a new non-destructive non-invasive method to assess the critical quality attributes of 3D biofabricated constructs. Narayanan will present his research at the annual conference later this month.

To learn more about the Narayanan’s research, visit his web page.