Advisory Board Chair Notes | Ed Fitts

Advisory Board Chair Notes | October 2015

Empirical Evidence of ISE’s Outstanding Reputation

Among the priorities for our Department that the ISE Advisory Board has long deemed most important is the quality of our faculty, our ability to attract and retain the best students and creating the best possible career opportunities for our graduates. It has also been our hope that as we pursue these goals the Department’s national ranking would rise and that is exactly what has happened.

As the article in this issue of InGear describes, the website ranked NC State ISE second nationally among U.S. universities offering Industrial Engineering degrees. Only Georgia Tech ranks higher. It is a distinction that we are very proud to have earned.

We are delighted, but not surprised. In contrast to other national rankings criteria, focused on quantifiable information related to those areas where NC State clearly stands out – our world-class teaching and research faculty, a student enrollment that continues to rank among the highest-achieving in the nation and a track record for post-graduate employment that is second to none. As engineers who work with empirical data, it’s gratifying to know that this ranking can be seen as an objective evaluation of our merits.

We are also very proud that in the same report, the NC State College of Engineering was ranked No. 1 in the state of North Carolina and No. 10 in the nation overall. Engineering continues to be one of the University’s leading programs, and the rest of the country is taking notice.

Ed Fitts, BSIE 1961
ISE Advisory Board Chair