Wysk Joins the Royals

ISE professor Richard Wysk gets appointed to the Royal Academy of Engineering

When asked if he wanted to spend some time in England this summer, Richard Wysk didn’t know what he had agreed to when he said “Yes”. Last fall, Dr. Vimal Dhokia, assistant professor from the University of Bath (England), was in Raleigh as a visiting researcher in the ISE Department when he inquired about Dr. Wysk’s summer plans. What Wysk didn’t realize was that he was agreeing to be nominated for an appointment to the prestigious Royal Academy of Engineering. After completing his visit to NC State University, Dr. Dhokia completed a formal proposal nominating Wysk for the appointment as one of a few selected Distinguished Visiting Fellows.

Dr. Wysk is visiting the University of Bath as part of this Fellowship that will run from June 21st to July 21st, July 2015. The goal is to develop new research initiatives related to the emergence of hybrid manufacturing. This is combining the benefits of 3D printing with traditional subtractive machining processes.

This fellowship will explore new opportunities for boosting research both from Bath and North Carolina State University. During Wysk’s visit, the fellowship will look to establish many key aerospace, automotive and medical initiatives. The goal is to understand the capabilities of this next generation manufacturing approach.

To learn more about Dr. Wysk, visit his personal page or read the article, Faculty Profile: Richard Wysk.

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