BME, CVM & ISE meet for Open House Event

Several ISE Ph.D. Students (Janet Ma, Linus Jeon and Michael Clamann) and faculty (Harrysson, Kaber and Wysk) recently attended an Open House Event at the NC State Biomedical Engineering Department (BME). The ISE contingent was joined by faculty from the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). The purpose of the event was to foster future research collaborations between the various departments and college. The students and faculty were provided with a tour of several BME lab facilities and an overview of the types of research being conducted through the subunits of that department. BME students prepared and presented numerous research posters on nano-device prototyping for biological applications, nano-fiber production for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory healing of wounds, stem-cell mechanics and differentiation mapping, and cartilage mechanics and deformation due to sudden impact loading. ISE Ergonomics Area students also contributed a research poster and demonstration on the use of virtual reality and haptic devices for fine-motor skill rehabilitation. The event was informative for all parties. It is expected that faculty and students will team across academic units to develop new research projects in the areas of regenerative medicine, biomechanics, nano-device manufacturing, etc. The ISE Department plans to host a similar open house event in the future for BME and CVM faculty and students to tour ISE facilities and learn about on-going research projects.