Obama Visits NCSU

Reynolds Coliseum was packed today as President Barack Obama visited NC State to talk about his new jobs bill. This is the second time the president has visited NC State’s campus. The first time was when he was campaigning for the 2008 election. This is the first time that a sitting United States president has visited NC State since Ronald Reagan held office.

Dr. Ivy and Dr. Young Behind Podium
Behind the president’s podium were two ISE faculty members – Dr. Julie Ivy and Dr. Robert Young.

The president’s bill proposes $450 billion in spending and tax cuts to stimulate job growth. Small businesses were the main focus of Mr. Obama’s speech, who spoke emphatically about payroll tax cuts for businesses like Apex’s WestStar Precision, where the president toured before he spoke today. The president estimated that 170,000 businesses in North Carolina would benefit from this bill being passed.