ISE Student’s “Fantasia” Wins Big at Disney

ISE student Adam Newton, along with three other NC State students, recently won 2nd place for their project, “Fantasia: The Lost Symphony,” in the Disney ImagiNations competition. Newton worked along with fellow engineer Patrick Carroll (electrical), as well as two students from the school of design, Jay Brown and Michael Delaney.

The ride they designed takes passengers through the music and scenes of Disney’s “Fantasia” and gives them the power to “conduct” the music themselves. The music morphs as the ride reads off of passengers’ body language. The ride uses technology similar to the Xbox Kinect to process these movements.

After the team spent a week in Glendale, California, the judging of the contest took place June 17. All team members gained valuable experience (in addition to prize money) working as a team since each individual came from a different background.