General description

  • Moped25 is the acronym for Multi-modal Occupational Posture Dataset. The dataset includes 25 tasks that are commonly seen in the workplace. The full-body 3-D kinematics data (37 markers) and the synchronized videos were collected in our Biomechanics Lab and all made publically available on this site.

Subjects and Tasks

  • 12 subjects were included in this project. The first subject was for the pilot test with different marker attachment. The other 11 subjects were using the same marker attachment.
  • 25 different tasks were involved in this project. The following figure shows examples:

  • For the detailed description of the experiemnt, plese refer to our paper (ongoing…).

Data accessing instructions

  • The marker data were stored as .mat files. Basic loading and visualizing functions are provided in MATLAB code. Please visit my GITHUB page for furher instruction.
  • For any questions, feel free to contact me at lli40@ncsu.

Data download


  • Please cite following papers (ongoing…) if you use any of the data or code provided here.

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