The mission of our Alumni-Student Engagement Lunch Program is to enhance the personal and professional development of our students by building long-lasting relationships with our alumni and friends. At the same time, our alumni mentors will:

  • build long-lasting relationships with our students
  • create an employee pipeline for their businesses
  • increase their connectivity with our department

“It was fun. Very informal. We just chatted about internships and job search. I offered to be as involved with them as they wanted.”

How It Works

  • Each semester of an academic year, the alumni mentor treats up to four students to a 90-minute lunch near campus. The same students attend both lunches (if possible) so the mentor can get a sense of how things have moved along since their previous meeting.
  • Students apply online and provide their email address and a one-paragraph biography so mentors can get to know a little about each mentee before the lunch.
    Only sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible to take part in the program. Mentors can request graduate students if they prefer.
  • Once the date and location for the lunch have been determined, eligible students receive an email invitation with a brief background on the mentor (name, affiliation, one-paragraph biography).
    The first students (up to 4) to respond to email will attend the lunch.
  • After the lunch meeting, feedback on the program is collected from both mentors and students.
  • The private ISE Alumni, Faculty, and Student LinkedIn Group is available for more mentor/mentee communication.

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