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A photo of Salah Elmaghraby.

Elmaghraby Global OR Fund

Salah Elmaghraby’s Story

Dr. Salah Elmaghraby | NC State University

Salah Elmaghraby spent close to 50 years as a professor at NC State. It was his inquisitive mind as well as his fierce pursuit of knowledge and intellectual debate that struck anyone he met. More than his many academic titles and awards, his commitment to his family, students, colleagues, and the institution of learning was what distinguished him from many others.

When Elmaghraby came to NC State, he built the Operations Research Program within the Industrial Engineering Department. Part of this included the infrastructure. But more than that, he built a strong social community of students, family, and friends. Everyone knew they could rely upon Elmaghraby for wise advice, welcome aid, and vibrant political discussions.

His Passions

He loved to connect with other scholars, discover new ideas, and was selfless with his time. Elmaghraby had a legendary work ethic. On any given day, he could be:

  • Helping a student land a job
  • Working on a paper
  • Submitting a new grant (yes, he still submitted grants up until his 85th year!)
  • Writing a book
  • Studying for an exam (he still audited statistics and math classes as a professor)
  • Hosting an unknown colleague from abroad

In his spare time, Elmaghraby was an avid reader, a passionate sailor and a lover and patron of the Arts.

Dr. Salah Elmaghraby | Beijing China

“Education – it is the one thing they can never take away from you.”

Honoring Salah Elmaghraby

A gift to the Elmaghraby Global OR Fund is an investment in remarkable NC State ISE and OR students who can fulfill their own dreams and make a positive impact on the world. Please help us keep his legacy alive and thriving.

How will the funds be used? The Elmaghraby Global OR Fund will support exploratory research between the students/faculty of the OR Program and international students/faculty. The funds may cover the travel expenses of international scholars visiting the OR faculty and the travel costs of OR faculty and students’ travel abroad. OR faculty will determine how the funds can best meet the needs of the program and keep alive the collaborative and global nature of Elmaghraby’s legacy.