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Faces of ISE

Faces of ISE celebrates our outstanding alumni and showcases the infinite possibilities that our current students have available to them. We’re always looking for stellar alumni to feature as the next Faces of ISE! If you’re interested in nominating someone (including yourself), fill out the form below. Need to ask a few questions first? Contact the ISE Service Desk and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Joe Agor standing in front of the Samaritan sign, his arms crossed.

Joseph Agor

OR Ph.D., 2019

Joe is an assistant professor of industrial engineering at Oregon State University. He researches mixed-integer and multilevel optimization techniques to develop data-driven decision support tools for decision-makers in health care. Other interests of his include optimization in machine learning and game theory.

Adam Barlow in his apartment, arms crossed and smiling.

Adam Barlow

BSIE, 1996

Adam is CEO and founder of Baseline Controls Inc., a Raleigh-based project management consulting firm established in 2010. He and his team plan and execute projects through project management, project controls, portfolio management and process improvement in a wide variety of industries. Adam engages with the ISE Department and NC State by offering a welcoming home to many engineering students.

Parth Chansoria working in a lab.

Parth Chansoria

ISE Ph.D. 2020

Parth is a Marie Curie Postdoctoral fellow at ETH Zurich. He works on methods for the high-throughput fabrication of biological tissues such as muscles and tendons. His specialization lies in developing living biomedical implants that mimic the properties of natural human tissues and organs.

Lisa Cook sitting at a table in front of a HP laptop.

Lisa Cook

BSIE, 2013

Lisa is an Industrial and Systems Engineer in the financial services industry. She specializes in enterprise data operations and transformation, combining people, processes and products to enable data management solutions. She leads a global program innovating state-of-the-art data resiliency capabilities and leads a cross functional team solving complex, enterprise-wide challenges.

Ben Craver standing with his arm propped up on a planes propeller.

Ben Craver

BSIE, 2018 | MSOR, 2019

Ben is an operation research specialist for Delta Air Lines. He uses the mathematical modeling and coding techniques he learned at NC State to optimize flight schedules and ensure you always have a plane to get to your destination.

Ashley Eli with her arms crossed in an operating theater.

Ashley Eli

BSIE, 2016

Ashley is an ambulatory surgery center administrator for Hospital Corporation of America, Medical Center Healthcare. Specialties include Gastroenterology, general, ENT, GYN, pain, and Podiatry. Her role consists of operations management, data analysis and quality/process improvement.

Katy Ifkovits smiling as she sits in a wicker chair.

Katy (Smith) Ifkovits

ISE Ph.D., 2019

Katy is a management engineer at Emory Healthcare. Her responsibilities include developing simulation models and implementing solutions to improve hospital operations for patients and staff. She is also responsible for training other engineers in simulation and analytics.

Melissa Pressley standing with her arms crossed.

Melissa Pressley

BSIE, 2016 | MEM, 2021

Melissa is a management engineering team lead at Duke Health Performance Services, where she utilizes her ISE tools and leadership skills as she explores her dual passions of engineering and healthcare. After working at Duke for several years, she returned to NC State and became one of the first people to earn a Master of Engineering Management.

Ling Zhang standing in front of a wall of greenery flashing a wolfie.

Ling Zhang

ISE Ph.D., 2020

Ling is a research scientist at Amazon. His work continues his Ph.D. study on time-varying Queueing models focusing on the stochastic modeling, simulation and real-time control of customer contact centers. He has developed an automated platform that optimizes the reallocation of idle service resources in continental-level networks. His goal is to harness the potential of operations research to provide the best service to Amazon customers.

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