Past Students - Dr. Richard A. Wysk

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Name School Position
Chang, Tien-Chien (Ted) Virginia Tech (1980) Professor at Purdue University
Co, Henry C. Virginia Tech (1984) Professor at California Polytechnic - Pomona
Wang, Hsu-Pin (Ben) Penn State (1985) Professor and Assistant V.P. for Research at Florida A&M/Florida State University
Ghosh, Biman Penn State (1985) Professor at California Polytechnic - Pomona
Liu, Jianhua (John) Penn State (1985) Professor at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Wu, Szu-Yung (David) Penn State (1986) Professor and Dean, Lehigh University
Rubinovitz, Jacob Penn State (1986) Associate Professor at Technion, ISRAEL
Linn, Richard J Penn State (1986) Professor at Florida International University
Chang, Heng Penn State (1987)  
Zhou, Chen Penn State (1988) Associate Professor at Georgia Tech
Yang, Neng-Su (Bob) Penn State (1988) Dean of Student Affairs, National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Mettala, Erik Penn State (1989) Chief Scientist SPARTA National Security Sector, Columbia, MD
Yannoulakis, Nicholas Penn State (1991)  
Lee, Honghee Penn State (1991) Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Inha University, Korea
Lin, Chun-Wei Penn State (1992) Chair, Department of Ind. Engr. National University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Cho, Hyunbo Texas A&M (1993) Professor at POSTECH in Pohang, Korea
Lee, Seongkyu Texas A&M (1993) Manager, Automation Systems at Samsung Industries
Kumaran, T. K. Texas A&M (1994) Research Scientist – I2
Hale, Trevor Texas A&M (1997) Associate Professor at the University of Houston
Steele, Jay Penn State (2000) Research Scientist, Intel Corp., Scottsdale, AZ
Kulvatunyou, Boonserm Penn State (2001) National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg
Frank, Matthew Penn State (2003) Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
Altuntas, Bertan Penn State (2004)  
Shin, Dongmin Penn State (2005) Assistant Professor, Hanyang University, Korea
Ramakrishnan, Shreeram Penn State (2004) Assistant Professor, University of Misouri - Rolla