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Reha Uzsoy

Clifton A. Anderson Distinguished Professor

Office phone: (919) 513-1681
Office fax: (919) 515-5281
Office location: 300 Daniels Hall

PhD, University of Florida, 1990
MS, Bogazici University, 1986
BSIE, Bogazici University, 1985
BS, Bogazici University, 1984

Reha Uzsoy is a professor in the Edward P. Fitts department of Industrial & Systems Engineering at North Carolina State University. He is the author of one book, three edited books, and numerous refereed journal publications. Before coming to the US he worked as a production engineer with Arcelik AS, a major appliance manufacturer in Istanbul, Turkey. He has also worked as a visiting researcher at Intel Corporation and IC Delco. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation, Intel Corporation, Hitachi Semiconductor, Harris Corporation, Kimberly Clark, Union Pacific, Ascension Health and General Motors. He was named a Fellow of the Institute of Industrial Engineers in 2005, Outstanding Young Industrial Engineer in Education in 1997 and a University Faculty Fellow by Purdue University in 2001, and has received awards for both undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Areas of Interest

Production planning, scheduling, and supply chain management.

Selected Articles

  • Godinho Filho, M., & Uzsoy, R., (2011). The effect of shop floor continuous improvement programs on the lot size - cycle time relationship in a multiproduct single-machine environment. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 52, 669-681.
  • Ravindran, A., Kempf. K.G., & Uzsoy, R. (2012). Production planning with load-dependent lead times and safety stocks for a single product. International Journal of Planning and Scheduling, 1 (1-2), 58-89.
  • Kacar, N.B., Irdem, D.F., & Uzsoy, R. (2012). An experimental comparison of production planning using clearing functions and iterative linear programming-simulation algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing, 25, 104-117.
  • Godinho Filho, M., & Uzsoy, R. The impact of continuous improvement in setup and repair time on manufacturing cycle time under uncertain conditions. International Journal of Production Research, forthcoming.
  • Armbruster, D., & Uzsoy, R. (2012). Multiple time scales in production planning: Clearing functions, discrete-event simulation and partial differential equations. Tutorials in Operations Research, INFORMS.
  • Crist, K., & Uzsoy, R. (2011). Prioritizing engineering and production in wafer fabrication facilities: A simulation study. International Journal of Production Research, 49 (11), 3105-3125.
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  • Chien, C-F., Dauzere-Peres, S., Ehm, H., Fowler, J.W., Jiang, Z., Krishnaswamy, S., Lee, T-E., Monch, L., & Uzsoy, R. (2011). Modeling and analysis of semiconductor manufacturing in a shrinking world: Challenges and successes. European Journal of Industrial Engineering, 5, 254-271.
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