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Julie S. Ivy

 Professor Julie S. Ivy


Fitts Faculty Fellow

Office phone: (919) 513-1683
Office fax: (919) 515-5281
Office location: 380 Daniels Hall

PhD, University of Michigan, 1998
MS, Georgia Institute of Technology, 1992
BS, University of Michigan, 1991

Julie Ivy is a Professor at North Carolina State University in the Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering and a Fitts Faculty Fellow in Health Systems Engineering. She previously spent several years on the faculty of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. Dr. Ivy is actively involved in INFORMS, she is the current president of the Minority Issues Forum and is a past president of the Health Applications Section of INFORMS. She has co-authored more than forty journal articles, working papers, and conference proceedings.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Ivy's primary research interests are in the mathematical modeling of stochastic dynamic systems with emphasis on statistics and decision analysis as applied to health care, manufacturing, and service environments. The focus of her research is decision making under conditions of uncertainty with the objective of improving the decision quality. Dr. Ivy's research program seeks to develop novel concepts of maintenance and monitoring policies and associated scientific theories, and apply them specifically to two important application domains: industrial and medical decision making. She has extensive background in stochastic modeling, in particular the application of partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) and Markov decision processes (MDPs). Dr. Ivy's medical decision making research relates to studying the cost-effectiveness of mammography screening, dynamic breast cancer screening policy development, false positive prediction as a function of breast cancer screening policy, the impact of comorbidity on breast cancer patient outcomes modeling birth delivery choice as a function of long term consequences such as pelvic floor dysfunction, patient-centered pharmaceutical inventory management, and public health preparedness. In addition to her research in medical decision making, Dr. Ivy also works in the area of humanitarian logistics particularly as it relates to hunger relief and equitable food distribution. Her research has been funded by the NSF and the Centers for Disease Control.

Selected Publications

  • Vila-Parrish, A.R., Ivy, J.S., & King, R.E. (2008). A simulation-based approach for inventory modeling of perishable pharmaceuticals. Proceedings - Winter Simulation Conference, 1532-1538.
  • Maillart, L.M., Ivy, J.S., Ransom, S., & Diehl, K. (2008). Assessing dynamic breast cancer screening policies. Operations Research, 56 (6), 1411-1427.
  • Zhou, J., Djurdjanovic, D., Ivy, J.S. & Ni, J. (2007). Integrated reconfiguration and age-based preventive maintenance decision making. IIE Transactions, 39 (12), 1085–1102.
  • Ivy, J.S., & Nembhard, H.B. (2005). A modeling approach to maintenance decisions using statistical quality control and optimization. Quality and Reliability Engineering International, 21 (4), 355-366.
  • Ivy, J.S., & Pollock, S.M. (2005) Marginally monotonic maintenance policies for a multi-state deteriorating machine with probabilistic monitoring, and silent failures. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 54 (3), 489-497.
  • Ivy, J.S., & Pollock, S.M. (2001). Classification of spot welds using power factor time profiles. International Journal of Production Research, 39 (3), 549-566.