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- NC State ISE/NIOSH "Training Program" Grant

Background Information
  • Initiated in 1999 by G. Mirka and C. Sommerich.
  • Purpose was to provide graduate students with research and practical training in occupational safety and ergonomics.
  • Focused on support of MS students.
  • Motivated by need to reduce occupational injuries and illnesses in industry in North Carolina.
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Current Program
  • NC State ISE HFE Area became component of NC Occupational Safety and Health Education & Research Center (ERC) in 2003. (see
  • One of five component programs among: industrial hygiene (UNC), health nursing (UNC), epidemiology (UNC), occupational medicine (DUKE).
  • Receive approx. $120K/year for student training and faculty support.
  • Expanded focus on PhD student support for study of human cognitive and physical capabilities to accommodate complex system designs.
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Current Faculty
  • Nancy Currie (Ph.D.) - Adjunct Associate Professor
    Research Interests: Human-robot interaction, space human factors.
  • Naomi Glasscock (Ph.D.) - Lecturer
    Research Interests: Ergonomics, usability evaluation, biomechanics
  • David B. Kaber (Ph.D., Texas Tech) - Professor
    Research/Teaching Interest: Cognitive ergonomics, human-automation interaction, interface design, occupational safety.
  • Chang S. Nam (Ph.D., Virginia Tech) - Associate Professor
    Research Interest: Brain-computer interface and neurorehabilitation, haptic-user interaction, neuroergonomics, and adaptive and intelligent human-computer interaction.
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Program Structure

- Admission criteria:

  • 3.0 undergrad./grad. GPA
  • GRE scores of V>=450, Q>=680
  • Minorities are encouraged to apply.

- NIOSH Support:

  • 9-month stipend - currently $1500/mon.
  • 3-months summer research support or internship.
  • Tuition support and state health insurance during degree.

- MS Program:

  • Follows ISE MS requirements and must include
    - ISE540, 541, 544, 741, 744 or 745, 794 or 796 (see Courses)
  • Students also take PUBH 785 and ENVR 423 (offered by UNC ERC components).

- PhD Program:

  • Follows ISE PhD requirements and must also include courses identified above.  
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Current HFE Courses through NC State ISE & Psychology

          (see "Courses" page for more detailed information)
  • ISE/PSY 540 - Human factors in Systems Design
  • ISE 541 - Occupational Safety Engineering
  • ISE 544 - Occupational Biomechanics
  • ISE 712 - Bayesian Decision Analysis in Human Performance
  • ISE/PSY 740 - Engineering Psychology of HCI
  • ISE 741 - Systems Safety Engineering
  • ISE/PSY 743 - Ergonomic Performance Assessment
  • ISE/PSY 744 - Human Information Processing
  • ISE/PSY 745 - Human Performance
  • ISE 794B/PSY 710U - Cognitive Engineering
  • ISE 794C - Human Reliability Analysis
  • ISE 796 - Research Practicum (safety or ergonomics)
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Recently Funded NIOSH Trainees

- Ph.D.:

- M.S.:

- M.I.E.:

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Recent Publications Prepared by NIOSH Trainees
  • Lee, L. & Kaber, D. B. (2008). Assessing interactive system effectiveness with usability heuristics and markov models of user behavior. Proc. of the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (CD-ROM), Santa Monica, CA: Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
  • Zhang, Y., Jin, S., Garner, M., Mosaly, P. & Kaber, D. B. (in press) The effects of aging and cognitive stress disposition on driver situation awareness and performance in hazardous conditions. To appear in Proc. of the IEA2009 17th World Congress on Ergonomics. Beijing, China (August 9-14): Elsevier.
  • Zhang, T., Zhu, B., Lee, L., Swangnetr, M., Mosaly, P. & Kaber, D. (in press). Service robot anthropomorphism and interface design for emotion in human-robot interaction. To appear in Proc. of the IEA2009 17th World Congress on Ergonomics. Beijing, China (August 9-14): Elsevier.
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Recent NIOSH Program Graduates and Employers
  • Allison Anderson - Ergonomics Center of NC
  • David Brandenburg - UCLA
  • Elizabeth Covalla - Zenith Insurance
  • Matt Diering - 3M, Greenville, SC
  • Jonathan Drum - U.S. Army
  • Jacklyn Freeman - Milliken
  • Kristen Meador - Caterpillar
  • Karen Noack - Kohler, Inc.
  • Stephanie Reid - Deloitte
  • Meghan Rogers - Delta Air Lines
  • Carrie Shivers - Honda of America
  • Stephanie Southard - SunTech Medical, Inc.
  • Theo Veil - Baxter Healthcare
  • Lashanda Hodge - Lenovo
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