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- Kinley Taylor

Research Overview

Kinley is working on a team, with Biwen Zhu and Manida Swangnetr, conducting research with a nursing robot to assess the effects of combined humanoid robot features on human emotion during a simulated medicine delivery task. With the technology advances in healthcare and the potential nursing shortage, the Ergonomics Lab is assessing the emotional responses of people when they are approached by and have to interact with a robot. An experiment was designed including seven different robot humanoid feature configurations replicated three different times to create a total of twenty-one test trials. Physiological measures were used, including heart rate (HR), galvanic skin response (GSR), and electromyography (EMG), to determine the emotional responses of the participants during the trials. Surveys were collected at the end of each trial, and a final interview was conducted to obtain participants subjective ratings of the robot configuration.

        Kinley has been working on this project since September 2009. Since then, she has assisted Manida and Biwen in planning, conducting, and doing data analysis for the experiment. They have found that increasing the humanoid features of the robot increases the positive emotional responses of the participants.

        Kinley has also been working with Gukho Gil on updating and adding new material to this Ergonomics Lab website. She has taken pictures of the equipment in the labs, updated information, and helped to create these webpages for the NIOSH Trainees.


January 2010

Kinley is currently conducting data analysis and writing up results of the experiment into conference and journal papers with her team members.
Kinley is also working on keeping the Ergo Lab’s Website updated.

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February 2010

Currently, Kinley's research group has been finishing data analysis and results reporting. They have written an abstract which will be submitted to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference.

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March 2010

Kinley and her human robot interaction group received acceptance of their paper by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference in San Francisco, California. She is also working on starting up a project looking at risk factors to hand hygiene in hospital environments. Kinley also continues to collect information from NIOSH Trainees to update the website.

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April 2010

Kinley continues to work with the human robot interaction group. They are working on putting a journal paper together.

Kinley has identified the topic for her thesis. She is working with a major hospital to identify tasks where hand hygiene has a high risk of being compromised but has a low perceived risk. She is beginning her literature review.

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August 2010

Kinley is progressing on her thesis research. She worked on completing her literature review and has now compiled a list of risk factors to hand hygiene compliance.

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September 2010

In September, Kinley attended the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Conference in San Francisco, California. Her robot human interaction group presented a paper at the conference, entitled “Assessing the Effects of Humanoid Robot Features on Patient Emotion during a Medicine Delivery Task.” She attended most of the healthcare sessions and learned a lot about current research in the human factors realm of healthcare.

Kinley continues to work on her thesis now that she has completed her literature review. She has organized her risk factors.

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October 2010

Kinley’s human robot interaction team also received acceptance of a lecture and poster presentation at the AAAI Conference. Kinley helped create the presentation materials.

Kinley planned her trip to visit a major hospital to conduct risk data collection for her thesis research project. She is researching the difference between actual and perceived risk for hand hygiene in the outpatient clinic setting.

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November 2010

Kinley made her first trip to the hospital to arrange for risk data collection. She was able to meet with the Infectious Disease Department and observe hand hygiene practices in the hospital. She was also able to observe two different tasks, in an outpatient clinic, which she will be studying for her research with hand hygiene.
The robot interaction group is also working on a paper to submit to the Journal of Intelligent Service Robotics.

Kinley also helped compile the NIOSH work summaries for the website.

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December 2010

Kinley prepared for and completed her second trip to Boston in mid December to collect the data for her thesis research. During her visit, she was able to observe in several clinics and collect multiple data sets. She began her task analysis using standard operating procedures provided by the hospital.

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January 2011

Kinley has begun looking into data analysis techniques for her frequency and severity data. She has almost completed her literature review and task analysis. She is currently working on data analysis and beginning to write up her thesis methods section.

Another project she is working on around the lab, is reorganizing the ergonomics library.

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February 2011

In February, Kinley worked on completing a draft for the first half of her thesis. She began analyzing the data she collected at the hospital.

Kinley also began assisting Meghan Rogers on her thesis data collection. They are observing tasks at the NCSU Vet School which may contribute to musculoskeletal disorders of large animal veterinarians. So far, they have seen many interesting procedures and learned a lot of information from the veterinarians and vet techs. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful, making data collection easy and fun.

Kinley is continuing to organize the library, while also writing a manual for the electromyography equipment that is in the ergonomics lab.

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March 2011

In March, Kinley continued to work on her thesis research, mainly focusing on data analysis. She is continuing to help Meghan Rogers on her veterinary task observations.

Kinley also attended the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando, FL, where she was the student ambassador for the conference, a speaker and a moderator for sessions.

She also helped with Engineering Open House, demonstrating the use of the EMG system to students and describing the biomechanics baby seat handle design research project her research group conducted.

Kinley is working with Leah Beaver on creating an EMG instruction manual on paper and also in video format for future students who want to use the EMG equipment. They have also completed their ergonomics library reorganization and cleaning project.

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April 2011

In April, Kinley has been working extensively on her thesis writing and trying to tie up the loose ends with the research. She is completing the results and discussion sections of her document.

She has also continued to create the EMG instructional video and manual.

She is also helping Meghan doing screening on the selected veterinary jobs, which they observed earlier in the semester.

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August 2011

In August, Kinley worked on revising edits to her thesis. She is planning to turn in her final draft at the end of September and defend in the middle of October. At the beginning of the semester, she attended the Semester Kick-off Meeting for the Ergonomics Area. She also helped Meghan collect data for her Veterinary study. During the observations, Kinley controlled the goniometer collecting wrist deviations while participants conducted tasks trials. She has also helped Meghan with preliminary data analysis.

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September 2011

In September, Kinley completed edits to her thesis prepared the final daft of her thesis document. Subsequently, she was able to distribute it to her committee. She prepared for her defense in October. She also continued to help Meghan Rogers with data analysis and preparation of elements of her task analysis.

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October 2011

In October, Kinley prepared for her thesis defense presentation. On October 14th, she successfully defended her thesis with an unconditional pass. Her thesis was entitled Identifying and Modeling Perceptions of Risk Factors in Hand Hygiene during Healthcare Operations. Kinley has also submitted an abstract, based on her thesis research, to the 2012 Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics 2nd International Conference on Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare which will be held in San Francisco in July.

Kinley also was a co-author on a paper accepted to the Applied Ergonomics journal entitled Comparison of Infant Car Seat Grip Orientations and Lift Strategies. The paper was based on a research project that was conducted as part of a research practicum to fulfill NIOSH-TPG requirements. The group was lead by fellow NIOSH trainee, Michael Clamann. The other co-authors on the paper were Biwen Zhu, Leah Beaver, and Dr. David Kaber.

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November 2011

In November, Kinley got the final draft of her thesis approved by her committee and received the signed title page to put in her bound thesis document.

Kinley also started creating an instructional video for the electrogoniometer equipment with fellow NIOSH trainees, Michael and Will. She also began to set up the new EMG BioPac system. Kinley also begun working with fellow NIOSH traniee, Will on his thesis experiment on ladder safety.

Kinley and Michael were featured in a recent news release about their Infant Car Seat Handle Design research project they completed as part of their NIOSH training program.

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